The Nature of Art: An Anthology

What is art? THE NATURE OF ART: AN ANTHOLOGY explores that question and shows you how it has been answered over the years by both Western and non-Western thinkers. You will not only read selections from these great writers but you will also get study questions that draw your attention to the key points you just read. Hailed by reviewers and adopters for its clarity and rigor, Wartenberg's THE NATURE OF ART offers a lively and engaging introduction to the philosophy of art.

Assembles thirty-one readings addressing the major philosophical discussions of art's nature from the time of the ancient Greeks to the present day.
The anthology opens with an introduction by the editor which addresses the question of "What Makes 'Art' Such a Problematic Concept?" This introduction explores this question using, among other devices, excerpts from Yasmina Reza's play ART.
Selections are included from both the Analytic and Continental traditions not only for breadth of coverage but also to encourage cross-fertilization between the two approaches.
Each reading is supplemented with clear introductions from the editor and reading questions designed to aid students in understanding these sometimes abstract ideas.
Brief biographical notes for each author appear at the back of the anthology.


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