Clorox Stain Fighter and Color Booster- Ultra Concentrated 22 FL OZ

Laundry Supplies
Tackle any mess with less. Clorox concentrated regular bleach has all the cleaning power of bigger bottles, but in a smaller, easier-to-use package. Our new concentrated formula is powerful enough to stand up to whatever life throws your way. You'll get the same number of uses with all the great cleaning, whitening and disinfecting results you expect from Clorox bleach. One bottle, so many uses: Clorox concentrated regular-bleach provides unbeatable whitening for your fabrics, helps reduce the spread of germs in your home, gets rid of those tough stains like dirt, grass and food. An improved grip helps make the perfect pour so you can easily measure the right amount and turn spillage into a thing of the past. Clorox concentrated regular-bleach is formulated to work with your traditional and high efficiency washing machine so your clothes come out dazzling clean. Safety: Before using any cleaning or laundry product, always read the label. The label is more than just a resource for usage; it is your guide for safe and effective use. Never store cleaning products around children. Make sure all products are locked in a secure area, even those with child-resistant closures. While this type of closure can reduce the ability of a child to open a product, it does not make the product childproof. Always re-close caps tightly after use, especially products such as Clorox Concentrated Regular-Bleach that have child-resistant closures. The cap must be tight in order to be child-resistant. Capacity: 22 oz bottle.

Offers a clean that has been trusted for generations, now in a concentrated formula that helps you clean, whiten and disinfect with less
Tackle any mess with less
Clorox concentrated regular bleach has all the cleaning power of bigger bottles
A powerful clean in every drop
One bottle, so many uses; ergonomic handle for an easy grip


Speaker Accessories
* Heavy-duty cast iron cross base * 29" High * 3" Column diameter (06-0798 and 06-0797 have a 4" column) * Spider size: 13" * Bases and columns are powder coated * Color: Black, matte finish * Knocked down "

Package: CS 10CT