OPI Bondex False Nails, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

False Nails
For acrylic adhesion to natural nail. One coat of this patented, proven formula produces a strong bond between the nail and acrylic without burning, etching or foul odor. Use Bondex in conjunction with any conventional powder and liquid system to give bond maximus strength and eliminate lifting. No methacrylic acid and a pleasant scent make BOndex an ideal choice for acrylic nail application.

Proven Formula
Strong Bond
Without burning, etching or foul odor

9GreenBox - Adenium Desert ROSE Miss Beauty House Plant Bonsai

This vibrant desert plant is native to arid regions of Africa. They are tough flowering plants that demand little attention and are easy to grow. They flourish indoors and outdoors and are highly popular for their bright vivid blossoms.

Native to Africa.
Grows well in pots, in or outdoors.
Hybrids are produces in China, Taiwan, Thailand and India.
Produces large 7cm blossoms.
5-7'' inch live plant. 4'' inch pot.