10 Best Tech Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing In 2022

Hey guys! You might have thought of having extraordinary gadgets that would leave your friends’ minds blown when they visit you. Well, we have got a levitating cup that will take you back to Hogwarts School of Magic and a futuristic wireless earbud for lovers of cyberpunk design. There are also a couple of useful gadgets that will keep you safe and protect your privacy.

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Ring Always Home Cam

Say goodbye to the use of multiple cameras to monitor different places in your home. With this flying camera, you can create preset flight paths to choose where your cam flies when you’re not at home. With just a push of a button, this thing wakes up and goes wherever you want it to go. Basically, you can control its path through the ring app. Look in anytime and see what is happening in your home in high quality HD video. When someone tries to break into your home, the ring alarm contact sensors get triggered. When this happens, the camera automatically flies to see what is happening. In fact, there is an inbuilt LED that automatically lights up when recording at night, so you can see a better view of the intruder. Most importantly, it doesn’t invade your privacy. It doesn’t record when it’s docked and only records during trained flight paths.


Sometimes, we tend to forget whether we locked the door or not. And most of the time, going back to check takes away part of our productive time or even puts our home at risk of being robbed before we return. To solve these problems, Surekey was developed. It tracks every movement of your key, no matter how small and gives you real time feedback. So, you can now check if you locked your home or not without going back. Wondering how this works? Well, it’s easy to install. After installation, the MEMS sensor wakes up the processor to analyze the movement of your key in the lock. This device generates periodic sounds to notify you that you left the key on the door. Oh yeah, it’s that simple, compact, and functional.

Pocket-Size Vault

Almost everything around us is encrypted, from phones to our tablets, to our suitcases and even our credit cards. But, there is one thing that has been left out, and this one thing holds our valuables. If you have had your valuables taken from your wallet, you will agree with me that it also needs to be secured. With this code-encrypted pocket-sized vault, you won’t have to worry anymore about someone sneaking into your wallet without your consent. It features a locking system with a thousand different combination possibilities. In fact, there is a tracking system embedded, so you can track it when you misplace it. Another pro feature is RFID blocking technology that guards your wallet from electronic pickpockets. Aside from the metallic lock, this thing is compact and designed to accommodate and organize your credit cards and cash.

Wireless Wearable Finger Mouse

Okay, here’s a wireless wearable finger mouse that makes it simple to navigate your computers. This Bluetooth-enabled mouse is smooth and offers a seamless experience. The battery lasts up to five hours. Moreover, you can use this with your phone, laptop, and all mouse-compatible devices. Yep, it doubles as a mouse and a remote control. Unlike the regular mouse, this wearable finger mouse has a curved design that fits fingers of different sizes and reduces strain on the wrist. So, relax and give your finger the power to control.

Wearable hand sanitizer

Every day, we meet thousands of people and expose ourselves to a plethora of disease-causing germs. But, how do we stay safe from these bacteria that are almost everywhere? Well, meet this innovatively designed spritzer. This one is nothing like what you used to know. It is designed like a wristband, and yes, it’s comfortable and lightweight. Use it on your hands and on commonly touched surfaces. And when you run out of sanitizer, you can easily refill it up and you’re good to go. The body features the standard sprayer pump, a container for the sanitizer, an activating button, and finally, a flexible strap that can be adjusted to fit all hand sizes.

Levitating CUP

If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter, you might like to bring some magic to your space. With this levitating cup, Hogwarts would be so close to home. So, first, it consists of two parts: a cup and a base set that uses electromagnetic suspension to keep drinks in the air. It works with cups of different sizes and shapes. Just pour your coffee and watch your cup defy gravity. This will definitely leave your guest speechless.

Joto- the robotic drawing board

Meet the first robotic whiteboard that draws with a pen. It’s a connected display designed to be hung on your wall as it draws. All you have to do is send whatever you want to draw to it through the app, and Joto starts drawing. There is more! You can send a message to your friend’s wall anywhere in the world. This thing delivers art straight to your home. You can even use it for your presentation to add some style and fun to the process. When you’re ready to move on to the next task, Joto wipes the board clean and prepares itself for the next jot. From sending messages to keeping the kids busy with beautiful illustrations to displaying things that matter, Joto has got you covered.

Gravastar Sirius Pro

This is a must have for lovers of cyberpunk design. The wireless headphones come in a robust bottle opener compartment. But, aside from their futuristic look, these wireless earbuds are powerful with four balanced armature driver units. The case comes with six RGB LED lights, so you can customize your case to your style. Besides, the zinc alloy material gives it the weathered, scratch-resistant feel. On top of that, it’s also water and sweat resistant, so you have nothing to worry about. Got time to spend? Don’t restrict yourself; it’s time to play another symphony. Of course, there is a noise cancellation feature and a battery that can last up to 16 hours. Meanwhile, there are three modes you can choose from: the gaming mode, the film mode, and the music mode. Each mode gives you natural and clear audio quality that will immerse you in all the fun that comes with the experience.

Detector Hunter

We live in a time where privacy is constantly threatened. You might not know who is recording your private or business conversations, and that’s why you need to be careful. So, we found this perfect bug detector for you. It detects all wireless signals like wifi, Bluetooth, cameras, and active mobile phones. This thing here has two channels. The first channel detects wireless sources, but the second channel is more sensitive. The detection range is between 50 MHz and 12 GHz, so it’s definitely going to discover every wireless device hidden in your room or work environment. Besides, there is a 16-segment bar graph indicator that provides a wide dynamic range. You can customize the work modes as you like. There is a silent mode, a sound mode, a vibration mode and a mixed mode. Finally, the durable metallic body is built to last.


Finding out your phone didn’t charge after plugging it overnight can be very annoying. So, what could be the problem? Connectivity issues are primarily caused by the accumulation of contaminants like lint, hair tissue, skin oil, and other dry or moist debris. Once these things get inside, they cause unreliable connections. Well, with PurePort, you can save yourself the hassles that come with these contaminants. After several tests, this product has been found to be that unique multi-tool that cleans your iPhone and iPad, keeping you connected at all times. The first four tools clean your lighting ports and repair damage caused by debris like oxide marks. The fifth and sixth tools clean the tips of your cables of dry debris and stains, while the seventh tool is designed to clean your phone speakers and headphones. In addition, it comes with a microfiber for cleaning your phone. Every part of your phone deserves to be taken care of. You can prevent lint from coming in the way of your connection by constantly cleaning your phone port and cables.

That’s a wrap for today! Which one of these tech gadgets stands out for you? Let us know in the comment section.

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