BioLite Rechargeable HeadLamp

It’s time to bring more fun to your outdoor adventure. This portable headlamp gives you complete control of your illumination. Aside from the sleek design, this headlamp delivers powerful lumens along with maximum comfort. While you’re out in the dark, this light goes before you and lights the path ahead. Also, it comes with different modes. The dimmable red mode, the white mode, and the strobe mode. In fact, this thing generates a lot of heat, so while using it, ensure that you place this headlamp directly on a piece of fabric. To switch between the light modes, press the glove-friendly power button on top of the light. In addition, this thing also has four rear LEDs that can be controlled with the button on the side. When charged, the 3000mah battery gives you 150 hours of illumination on low mode, 7 hours on high mode, and 8 hours of reserve. Enjoy every bit of your hiking, mountain climbing, and late-night adventures.

Daniel Mark
Daniel Mark
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