CampStove Portable Grill

Looking for a safe and convenient way to take grilling with you on your next camping trip? This camp stove portable grill has got you covered.

The portable grill has four parts: the grill body and legs, the flame spreader; the grill grate; and a plastic cover that can serve as a plate or a cutting board. Setting this up is pretty easy. Light the camp stove and place the circular base of the grill directly over the camp stove, making sure your grill is positioned opposite to the orange power module. This thing heats up in ten minutes, so you’re definitely going to enjoy cooking with it. When the flames are running out, lift the lid and place your wood directly into the camp stove. The best part is that you don’t need to move the grill or your food to restock the fire. In addition to that, this thing here is easy to clean and convenient to carry around.

Daniel Mark
Daniel Mark
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