Goree car LED lights

We are still talking about cool car gadgets. So, here is a car light that will change your car interior. Designed to give off an aesthetic ambience, this LED light gives your car that classy and elegant look. With over 16 million colors to choose from, you might even have a hard time deciding which color to go for. But, how do you install this thing? Well, the installation isn’t rocket science. Remove the label covering the adhesive and stick the light to your car interior. After that, plug in your 12v socket and that’s all. Don’t worry about exposing wiring or having an untidy look; this LED light has a rubber tubing outside that protects the light from water spills. Furthermore, the 2 line design connects the 4 strip lights, attaching the car led lights easily to the body of any car model.

Daniel Mark
Daniel Mark
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