Do you often misplace your car key? If you have spent a lot of money changing your keys, you’d agree with me that it’s time to find a better alternative. Meet Keto, a mobile key that makes car access easier and more convenient without compromising security. It’s easy to install without you having to visit the mechanic. And yep, it serves all the car key functions by utilizing your smartphone as your access. This means that your engine will only start when your authenticated mobile key is detected inside the car, and in this case, it’s your phone. In fact, you can easily lock and unlock your trunk. And when you want to lend your car, you can simply press the share button on the mobile app. So basically, you get to share your car access with many people without physically meeting them. In case something happens and you want to retrieve the access given, you can do that anytime from the mobile app. With this gadget, the security of your car is always protected.

Daniel Mark
Daniel Mark
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